iPhone 4 battery usage

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My plan is that tomorrow I’ll attempt 24 hrs using my iPhone 4. To try & work out battery usage.
There are a few things to consider in the results.
Whether on wifi or 3G
Ios4 allows for multitasking- what was working in background.
Perhaps periods of use on phone.
This is just a few ideas

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New Plymouth Trip

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We had a 3 day trip planned to ride down to New Plymouth with Hamilton Ulysses. Our accommodation was booked at the Ariki Backpackers in Ariki Str, New Plymouth.

We left Te Awamutu Caltex at 11.30 am on Saturday.
There were about 10 bikes some double up. We had a stop at the Fat Pig at Piopio for a coffee and fill up and also at Mokau for the obligatory whitebait fritters.
We were meeting another party of Manawatu ulyssian members.
The weather was quite good but it was expected to deteriorate over the weekend.
Without any problems we arrived in New Plymouth in the mid afternoon and found our headquarters for our stay. Good to have secure lockable places to store our bikes.
We had a good evening with a BBQ at the Backpackers. the hosts were very hospitable and even provided us with a few jugs of beer.
Some of us went to bed early but a few of us were up to past 0100.
Sunday dawned and yes the weather turned to crap.
We all decided to wonder around the shopping mall which was located just up the rd, after that we went to the movies. Choice between Boy and Blindside.

We had earlier organized a session at Bowlarama. It was $17.50 for 2 games each.
In my lane we were having competitions to see how many gutter balls we had. All in all a good time was had by all.
After that we headed to Icons Bar and cafe and sampled there $10 meal deal. With our 20 plus people descending on them unannounced they must have had kittens. After a wee wait the food began to arrive and everybody I think was very happy with their food. I personally had the Steak eggs and chips and as Jenny Mcgee would report it was superb.
Everyone seemed to retire early on the Sunday night.

After a healthy breakfast on the Monday morning we said our goodbyes to the Manawatu members and headed off back to Hamilton.
With the weather been so bad overnight we had an advanced party heading north and yes they found a tree across the rd just south of Mokau.
With the all clear we fueled up at the nearby shell outlet.

We had an uneventful trip home and despite the very very bad forecast we actually had a very good run home. We had a small flurry of a shower at Motanui. The roads were generally dry, worst we had was some gusts going up the coast.
We stopped at Te Kuiti for lunch and broke up from there.

I’d have to say I enjoyed the weekend away, the company was excellent.Good to meet up with Ulyssians from a different area.

Hope to catch up with everyone on the next ride.

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Here we are adding a new blog using a new app on the Ipad.
The app is Blogpress which cost $4.19 but can cater for various blogg services.
My young niece was interested in the keyboard on the iPad so I saved a screen shot on the iPad. She was impressed.
Now to learn how to turn the image around.

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Macs for Breakie

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We are here at local Macs for breakie. Note it’s quite healthy for me !! Mocachino & coissant

1st Post

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This seems easier enough to set up.

Have to look around for various widgets by the looks.

Will try an Iphone update shortly. Cant see where you add pics as yet