Spectacles update

Got a email from Zenniopticals early this evening about my order.
It seems that I cannot have Rimless frames with my prescription as its too strong..
They suggested 2 frames that simply did not fit my face. being too small in the frame width area.
I have found 3 frames that match. 2 Aviator type and one not. Im going with the non aviator. $9.95 for full Rim.
This will mean that I have over paid for my order. Doesnt really matter as im getting a pair for Elaine when mine comes though. So ill have a credit in my account.
My main difficulty has been to find the best frame to match my prescription. This could well be because mine I think will be awkward to fill.
Because of my work as a Psych nurse I was hoping to get titanium frames or Memory titanium as they would be a stronger frame !!
Then again the price  sort of negates everything as its so cheap. I can just oder another pair if something goes amiss.

I still have some doubts about my frame size. I have an old pair that measures 140 in frame width.
The communication with Zenniopticals has been excellent. On their website there is also a button for establishing a online chat with one of their CSR’s


~ by chrishattan on August 21, 2012.

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