Spectacle Order

After much debating and looking at frames I placed my order with Zenniopticals tonight. I had the prescription from my optometrist for a fee of $75. He warned me about ordering specs online. Id done quite a bit of research reading reviews on youtube etc. All good from this company BTW. The prescription is easy enough. But the frames was another story. As you can imagine the frames need to be correct to get the prescription lenses to sit at the correct space on your face to have the desired results. I had to look at Frame Width, Bridge length, lens width, and temple arm length. PD ( Pupilary distance) was another important measurement I needed that the optometrist gave me. The contact lense website also gave instructions on reading the dimensions that were written on the arms of most frames. I even checked a very old pair I had which was usefull in this regard. This all seemed quite a difficult mix to get right. I just couldn’t find the right combination of the measurements for all the components. In the end I decided on rimless and all the problems seem to be resolved. Just had to choose the correct lense shape and dimensions which the site was able to accommodate. They provided a photo or you could upload your photo to see how the final fitting looked on your own face. I chose Progressive, photochromic, oleaphobic coated ( Less fingermarks) lenses, rimless, clip on for sun glasses. I could have chosen transition lenses but that is a much higher priced option for that Brand. The lense options were given an index number. The higher the number the thinner the lense. Think mine is a medium option. Paid for the express delivery. Stated 5-7 days and normal post was 14 days. Now what you all want to know the end price. US$ 133.80 which is NZ$167 at current exchange rates. Certainly a lot of difference with my original quoted price. Ill report back shortly when they arrive. Elaine will then order a new pair too.


~ by chrishattan on August 20, 2012.

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