New Spectacles

Well well, I had a we mishap geocaching earlier on in the year down on the WestCoast.
In the bush looking for a geocache when I turned around and a thin branch got wedged between my face on one arm of my spectacles. It flew off in a direction ( yes it was a springy piece of branch)  that I was unable to locate for quite sometime after grovelling in the rain and mud of that location.
I managed to get to an optician in Hokitika where the receptionist managed to find an arm of an old pair of specs and got me going again.

Anyway the other day I was putting my Bike helmet on and the  specs came off onto the ground and  came off somewhat second best. The screw holding the Left side of sframe and lens in had been loose and finally gave way. ( I was frequently getting this tightened) and the lens had fallen out on to the ground and sustained a chip in one edge.

I continued my ride with one eye- ( called myself a One eyed Chief supporter for the rest of the weekend)

The cost of these spectacles were well over $1000 dollars just on 4 years ago and I got some quotes for replacement of around the same price.
I could not get new frames as the opticians stated that these lenses were made for the frames I had. ??

So what to do. A few quotes for the $1000 odd price.
I ran into a chap in Taupo at the Ulysses Remembrance service in Taupo who said he ordered a pair for his wide online.

Zenni Opticals

I have now had a look at the Website above. By the looks I can land a pair of Progressive lenses + Frames with my prescription for less that NZ$350. I went and got a new prescription from my Optician who readily gave me a copy of my prescription on paper which matched the required info on the Zenni website. Needed some fine tuning to get the right fit. What I need to do next is measure up the old specs to get similiar specifications to within +- 3 mm of the new spectacles which all the size components are well defined on the Zenni website.
Ill be ordering tonight-suggested turn around is around 2 weeks.
My optician did warn me of a few catches. The prescription lenses need to be fitted to my face- obviously cant quite be so accurate if I order online. But Ill carefully measure up from my old frame.
Ill be reporting back.
If all goes well I  will get a pair for Elaine as well


~ by chrishattan on August 13, 2012.

2 Responses to “New Spectacles”

  1. Chris, Most contents polices also cover perscription glasses, Run it past your insurance company see what they say. This happened a few years back to my wifes $800 glasses, although it didn’t cover the whole cost it ment we only had to pay the excess

    • Im trialling this new online order. Didnt think it was worth it. Total cost for new pr is less than $150

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