iPhone 4 Battery test results

As alluded to in my last blog I carried out a crude test of my iPhones battery life over a 24 hr period.
I tried to use it as I normally would.
I was holiday so it would provide me more time to use the phone as required.
I made the phone was fully charged and started the test at 0830 and ran for 24 hrs.
The iPhone was using the Vodafone 3G network.
Wifi was left on in settings
Location services were left on.
These three factors are well known to affect Iphone battery consumption.
There are claims that the Iphone 4 battery is supposed to last longer than the previous Iphone 3GS which I also used.
Also a factor is that I don’t usually make and receive phone calls on a daily basis.
My main use is of data.

In summary by 0830 the next morning my battery meter showed 7% Battery left.
Between the hours of 1700 – 2100 I used the phone quite extensively. Mainly Twitter, Nimbuzz which is a multiple IM application.

So yes my battery lasted 24 hrs just. Any more usage and it would not. Most of the day was on standby excepting for the hours 1700-2100.

My 3GS has a Mophie Juice pack air which extended the battery life by another 12 hrs on average.
Because I use GPS navigation apps a lot ( google maps, and geocaching app) they use more power from the battery as well.
As yet Mophie have not released an Iphone 4 version of the Juice pack air but I will be purchasing when I get notified of there availability

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~ by chrishattan on August 6, 2010.

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  1. In my opinion, Mophie is not as good as Apocket, the price is much higher and capacity is much lower

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