Specatacles Update

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Wow its been since August last year that I got my specs from Zenni Optical.

My over all impression is that they are excellent.
One minor issue is that the arms are not quite long enough. I recall having a difficult time trying to sort out the correct sizing for the frames.
The weight of the lense doesnt worry me.
They certainly go very dark when the sun is strong so virtually dont need sun glasses at all


Spectacles Arrival.

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Got a knock on the door this morning just on 8 am from the courier-Yay my new glasses have arrived. In fact 1 week after placing my order.
Well as you can imagine I quickly opened the packed and tried them on.
Yes they fitted perfectly and the prescription matched my existing pr.
The frame build looks to be fine.
Only major difference is the lense thickness. They are quite a lot thicker than my current pair. This is because I chose the non “Transition” branded lense.
However at this price Im not worried. I can order another pair. Total price NZ$133  which is a lot cheaper than over $1000 I was originally quoted by  several NZ Optometrists.
Plastic box, lense cloth and the clip on sunglasses also.
All in all Im a happy customer.

Spectacles Update #1

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Well I got another email this evening to say that the frames I chose yesterday were still not going to be able to hold my “strong prescription”
I thought I had followed all their instructions.
Need a minimum of 30 mm height for the lense to be able to manage the progressive component, which makes sense.
Have given it some more thought.
Measured an old pair of mine I still had as a back up- ( Many years old btw)  and they appear to be a narrower width. Tonight I tried on a pair of partners reading glasses which has a width of 135 and they appear to fit fine.
The email from Zenni is a wee bit confusing. They talk about getting a “smaller frame” yet my initial measurement of my current frames was 145 width.
Boy this has been confusing and frustrating to say the least.

I have decided to go to the small width-135. Due to the price I have nothing much to loose I suppose.
Hopefully no more emails from them re no go with the lense. As far as I can see it fits the required size fine now and I hope this will be the last refusal.


Spectacles update

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Got a email from Zenniopticals early this evening about my order.
It seems that I cannot have Rimless frames with my prescription as its too strong..
They suggested 2 frames that simply did not fit my face. being too small in the frame width area.
I have found 3 frames that match. 2 Aviator type and one not. Im going with the non aviator. $9.95 for full Rim.
This will mean that I have over paid for my order. Doesnt really matter as im getting a pair for Elaine when mine comes though. So ill have a credit in my account.
My main difficulty has been to find the best frame to match my prescription. This could well be because mine I think will be awkward to fill.
Because of my work as a Psych nurse I was hoping to get titanium frames or Memory titanium as they would be a stronger frame !!
Then again the price  sort of negates everything as its so cheap. I can just oder another pair if something goes amiss.

I still have some doubts about my frame size. I have an old pair that measures 140 in frame width.
The communication with Zenniopticals has been excellent. On their website there is also a button for establishing a online chat with one of their CSR’s

Spectacle Order

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After much debating and looking at frames I placed my order with Zenniopticals tonight. I had the prescription from my optometrist for a fee of $75. He warned me about ordering specs online. Id done quite a bit of research reading reviews on youtube etc. All good from this company BTW. The prescription is easy enough. But the frames was another story. As you can imagine the frames need to be correct to get the prescription lenses to sit at the correct space on your face to have the desired results. I had to look at Frame Width, Bridge length, lens width, and temple arm length. PD ( Pupilary distance) was another important measurement I needed that the optometrist gave me. The contact lense website also gave instructions on reading the dimensions that were written on the arms of most frames. I even checked a very old pair I had which was usefull in this regard. This all seemed quite a difficult mix to get right. I just couldn’t find the right combination of the measurements for all the components. In the end I decided on rimless and all the problems seem to be resolved. Just had to choose the correct lense shape and dimensions which the site was able to accommodate. They provided a photo or you could upload your photo to see how the final fitting looked on your own face. I chose Progressive, photochromic, oleaphobic coated ( Less fingermarks) lenses, rimless, clip on for sun glasses. I could have chosen transition lenses but that is a much higher priced option for that Brand. The lense options were given an index number. The higher the number the thinner the lense. Think mine is a medium option. Paid for the express delivery. Stated 5-7 days and normal post was 14 days. Now what you all want to know the end price. US$ 133.80 which is NZ$167 at current exchange rates. Certainly a lot of difference with my original quoted price. Ill report back shortly when they arrive. Elaine will then order a new pair too.

New Spectacles

•August 13, 2012 • 2 Comments

Well well, I had a we mishap geocaching earlier on in the year down on the WestCoast.
In the bush looking for a geocache when I turned around and a thin branch got wedged between my face on one arm of my spectacles. It flew off in a direction ( yes it was a springy piece of branch)  that I was unable to locate for quite sometime after grovelling in the rain and mud of that location.
I managed to get to an optician in Hokitika where the receptionist managed to find an arm of an old pair of specs and got me going again.

Anyway the other day I was putting my Bike helmet on and the  specs came off onto the ground and  came off somewhat second best. The screw holding the Left side of sframe and lens in had been loose and finally gave way. ( I was frequently getting this tightened) and the lens had fallen out on to the ground and sustained a chip in one edge.

I continued my ride with one eye- ( called myself a One eyed Chief supporter for the rest of the weekend)

The cost of these spectacles were well over $1000 dollars just on 4 years ago and I got some quotes for replacement of around the same price.
I could not get new frames as the opticians stated that these lenses were made for the frames I had. ??

So what to do. A few quotes for the $1000 odd price.
I ran into a chap in Taupo at the Ulysses Remembrance service in Taupo who said he ordered a pair for his wide online.

Zenni Opticals

I have now had a look at the Website above. By the looks I can land a pair of Progressive lenses + Frames with my prescription for less that NZ$350. I went and got a new prescription from my Optician who readily gave me a copy of my prescription on paper which matched the required info on the Zenni website. Needed some fine tuning to get the right fit. What I need to do next is measure up the old specs to get similiar specifications to within +- 3 mm of the new spectacles which all the size components are well defined on the Zenni website.
Ill be ordering tonight-suggested turn around is around 2 weeks.
My optician did warn me of a few catches. The prescription lenses need to be fitted to my face- obviously cant quite be so accurate if I order online. But Ill carefully measure up from my old frame.
Ill be reporting back.
If all goes well I  will get a pair for Elaine as well

iPhone 4 Battery test results

•August 6, 2010 • 1 Comment

As alluded to in my last blog I carried out a crude test of my iPhones battery life over a 24 hr period.
I tried to use it as I normally would.
I was holiday so it would provide me more time to use the phone as required.
I made the phone was fully charged and started the test at 0830 and ran for 24 hrs.
The iPhone was using the Vodafone 3G network.
Wifi was left on in settings
Location services were left on.
These three factors are well known to affect Iphone battery consumption.
There are claims that the Iphone 4 battery is supposed to last longer than the previous Iphone 3GS which I also used.
Also a factor is that I don’t usually make and receive phone calls on a daily basis.
My main use is of data.

In summary by 0830 the next morning my battery meter showed 7% Battery left.
Between the hours of 1700 – 2100 I used the phone quite extensively. Mainly Twitter, Nimbuzz which is a multiple IM application.

So yes my battery lasted 24 hrs just. Any more usage and it would not. Most of the day was on standby excepting for the hours 1700-2100.

My 3GS has a Mophie Juice pack air which extended the battery life by another 12 hrs on average.
Because I use GPS navigation apps a lot ( google maps, and geocaching app) they use more power from the battery as well.
As yet Mophie have not released an Iphone 4 version of the Juice pack air but I will be purchasing when I get notified of there availability

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